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How long can I keep my Lacewig?

The locks can be used for a period of 4 months to 1 year depending on the type of texture and maintenance

How to put my Lacewig?

Our Lacewigs are specially designed for glue-free installation. They arise on flat hair, braided, protected by a Wig Cap. The pliers inside the bonnet and the retractable elastics help maintain the wig on the skull.

What type of hair is my Lacewig made of?

Our lacewigs are made from virgin hair called “remy hair” they are made to meet women wishing to benefit from the benefits of natural laces without having to put an astronomical amount. We do not currently offer wigs “RAW HAIR” made from untreated human hair because we focus initially on the accessibility of Lacewig and wish to discover this concept to all budgets

Can I color make colorations on my Lacewig?

Colorings, hair curlers, curling iron, hair straightener, updos, braids, you can style your Lacewig any way you like. Be sure to do the appropriate care especially on platinum colorations.

I am white ? Can I wear wigs?

As strange as the question may seem, there are many who ask it on a daily basis. You will be surprised to know the number of celebrities who wear them everyday without you even realizing it. The Lacewig correspond to all types of women of all colors and all origins

Can I customize my Lacewig?

Our lacewig are already pre-customized but you can customize them yourself or by a competent hairdresser. You can make a discoloration of the knots on the wig taking care not to leave too long and avoid hair removal too abrupt the hair line to avoid damaging the lace

How big is the hat of my Lacewig?

The size of our Lacewigs is Medium but the hat is retractable so you can adapt it according to your choice

What guarantees me that my Lacewig will be secure?

Our Lacewigs are customized. They are secured with pliers that allow the Lacewig to be attached to the braids, as well as a retractable elastic at the bottom of the wig. A second elastic is added in the middle of the bonnet which makes Lacewig even more secure. You will be able to make ample head movements without worrying

How long do I receive my Lacewig?

Allow 7 to 12 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to receive your order by colissimo. The delays can be exceptionally lengthened, in these cases I contact customer service immediately.

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